October favourites

October favourites
So this is my October favourites-things I’ve been loving last month beauty products, clothing items and movies.
1. The first thing I’ve been loving this month is the Bourjois liner feature pen. It’s easy to apply and lasts a long time.
2&3. The second and third things are kind of alike, they are the simple moisteiser and simple face wipes. I use them both everyday and they keep my skin smooth and clean. I would really recommend both of these products.
4. The fourth item I have been loving is the film divergent, I know it came out a while ago but I still love it.
5. The fith and final item (because I dont want too make this too long) is my over coat, it’s so warm and I am just I love with it.
Bourjois eyeliner- £
Simple moisturiser- £1.50
Simple face wipes- £3
Divergent on dvd- £10-13
Divergent on iTunes- £15
Over coat- £70
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Pilot post

So today I decided to make my own blog. It will roughly be based on fashion,beauty and lifestyle. I hope you all enjoy my blog, I intend to post once a week on Saturdays. So, today is the first of November and I am going to attemp to do the 30 day ab challenge. The photo is the challenge that I’m following. IMG_5329-0.JPG
Sorry it’s so short im not sure what exactly to write, so yea that’s it. If you like this small snippet of my blog then please like/subscriber/comment. Thanks 🙂 x